About us

Topica Founder Institute (TFI) is a startup accelerator program in Vietnam and Thailand, jointly organized by Topica Edtech Group and Founder Institute - the Silicon Valley Accelerator located in 60+ countries and 150+ cities around the world.
Founded in 2011, today TFI has graduated more than 60 Startups who successfully called for more than $20 million funding and aggregately valued at $100 million. Prominent figures included Appota, Beeketing, Monkey Junior, Kyna, FreelancerViet, Atadi, ZinMed, Wisami, Hoayeuthuong, Giaytot, Antoree, etc.
In 2016, 30% of the startups that successfully received Seed & Series A funding in Vietnam were TFI trainees. The program aims to create a launch pad and contribute to establishing a complete startup ecosystem for Vietnamese startups to grow and go global.
Following the success in Vietnam, Topica Founder Institute also launched in Thailand in 2016 with 36 founders joined the first batch.