Topica Founder Institute Showcase 5

2016-08-10 16:52:43
• Top 8 graduates from Topica Founder Institute Vietnam (TFI) has acquired more than 10 million USD as investment and possessing total value of 60 million USD. • TFI graduates repeatedly receives investments and top prizes in many local and international start-up competition: GIST Tech-I 2016, Venture Cup 2015 • Launch Topica Founder Institute in Thailand and Bangkok, 36 founders were admitted to the first course. • 114 start-ups who were graduated from the 5th Course introduce their products and appeal for investment from the Silicon Valley, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and other South East Asia countries.
TOPICA Founder Showcase 2016 will be held at 6pm on the 10th of August 2016 in Ha Noi. This is a showcase for product introduction and appeal for investment for the Seed and Series A stage of 14 graduates from the 5th course of TFI. In this showcase, they have to face more than 30 investors, both local and international: Unitus Impact, Monk’s Hill Ventures, Catcha Ventures, NSI Ventures, AMUN Capital.

14 start-ups who were graduated from the 5th Course introduce their products and appeal for investment before 30 international investors.

Topica Founder Institute is the start-ups training program held in Vietnam and Thailand, held by Topica Edtech Group and Founder Institute (the start-ups training program in the Silicon Valley with over 100 headquarters on the planet). 2016 marks the launch of Topica Founder Institute in Bangkok with 36 founders qualified for the 1st course.

In TFI’s training course, the participants (students) were enabled to share experience and skills in the field of technology: Selecting the right business model, human resource management, product development, Marketing, sales, fund gathering, etc… TFI’s Mentors are mostly successful firms and founders: VNG, Vatgia, VietnamWorks, Momo, IDG Ventures, CyberAgent Ventures, 500 startups

Top 8 firms graduated from the 5th TFI course gathered more than 10 million USD with their values being around 60 million USD. The most notable ones are: Appota, Giaytot, S3, Kyna, Beeketing, Vlance, iMap, Antoree, Uplevo, Atadi, Hoayeuthuong, Adtop, etc… In 2016, TFI’s participants repeatedly receives high-risk investments: Beeketing were invested for series A by 500 startups; Kyna raised funds for series A from CyberAgent Ventures and 24h, Meet and FreelancerViet were invested in in Seed round, MimosaTek were invested in by Captii Ventures, iMap were invested in their series A.

Monkey Junior Start-up’s English learning application for children, who graduated from TFI’s 5th course won the First prize of GIST (Global Innovation through Science and Technology) Tech-I 2016 in Silicon Valley (USA). This year competition attracted 1075 applications from 104 countries, held by president Obama and observed by Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Also, previous graduates from TFI such as Atadi, Hoayeuthuong, FreelancerViet, MimosaTek also won the highest prize in Venture Cup 2015.